Monday through Friday from 9am - 12am

S.A.L. Mongui Maduro Foundation
Landhuis Rooi Catootje - P.O. Box 480 - Curaçao.

House rules


To make everyone's stay as agreeable as possible, please comply with the follwing rules:


  • Please announce your presence and the purpose of your visit at the reception.
  • Hand over big bags (also your laptop bag) to the recepcionist, who will keep them safe in a locker. They will be retorned on leaving the library.
  • Research and study are only permitted in the reference room. The other rooms are not accessible to visitors.
  • The staff will get you your books and other documents from the bookcases. It is not permitted to remove them on your own.
  • Under no circumstances books and other documents will be lent out, you have to consult them within the library.
  • You may use the available computers to visit sites that are relevant for your studies. Using your own laptop is also permitted. The same is applicable.
  • Use of the printer/scanner/photocopier is only allowed with accompaniment of staff member, for a small compensation.
  • Eating and drinking is only allowed on the upper terrace.
  • Please respect the tranquil working surroundings: turn off your gsm and put it on vibration. Have your telephone conversations outside the building. Talk in a low voice.
  • Leave your work station in a clean and orderly state.


The manager of the library is authorized to prohibit access to the library to a visitor who acts improperly.