Members of "Orde van den Prince" during the tour given by Esther

The club "Orde van den Prince" visiting
the library


Orde van den Prince or Order of the Prince is a ¬Flemish-Dutch society for the promotion of the language and culture of the Netherlands (Flanders and Netherlands). Each month members meet on fixed locations, except during summer.
The organization now consists of 92 departments: 54 in Flanders, 26 in the Netherlands and 12 in other countries.


Orde van den Prince, department Curaçao under presidency of Wiel van Ewijk in December 2011 invited the Dutch Caribbean writer dr. Lammert de Jong to hold a lecture. They combined this event with a tour through the Ena Dankmeijer-Maduro Pavilion and were very impressed with the library collection and the brand new building.