Youth Program

High school students visit The Library and Museum for Youth Program

The day after the lectures at Avila Hotel, Rooi Catootje hosted 3rd  grade HAVO and VWO students from the Maria Immaculata Lyceum, accompanied by their history teachers.
Josette Goldish-Capriles, Professors Aviva Ben-Ur and Willem Klooster in cooperation with the Maduro Library prepared a workshop for the students. The group engaged in discussions and activities on several subjects, namely The Slave Trade, Emancipation of Slaves and "Doktoor" Da Costa Gomez and 60 years Autonomy. The Library supplied the lecturers and students with documents from its collection. The purpose of this project is to encourage the youth to become more interested and involved in the history of Curaçao and to learn to know that the Library houses valuable information to do research on a great deal of subjects.
The students and teachers were very thankful to Mrs. Ena Dankmeijer for this opportunity.