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Our online-catalogue is in process.

As a teaser for the upcoming uploading of the complete catalogue in 2018, we share some parts of the collection.

We offer you online access to:

1. Digitalized events programs, dating from the 19th century.
2. Judaica books, non digitalized.
3. A selection of non-digitalized documented ÑAPA -articles (*) regarding Antilliana and Judaica topics since 1998.

*Ñapa is a weekly appendix of the newspaper “Amigoe”, which appears on Curaçao in the Dutch language. Ñapa Business, an extra supplement of Ñapa, has been documented from August 2008 till June 2010.

We did our best to be as secure as possible in the cataloguing phase, however it’s always possible that there may appear still some errors in the displayed items. We welcome your feedback!

For more information you can always call us during opening hours or send us an email.

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