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The "Adrei Patras" contains a mahogany dining set, made in 1918 by I.F.G. de Windt Furnitures (Gigi de Windt). It consists of a round dining table with twelve chairs (two with arm-rests), two sideboards, a vitrine cabinet and a sideboard table.
Mongui Maduro paid 695.42 guilders for the mahogany wood needed for the set and 928 guilders to Gigi de Windt for labor. In december 1920, He paid an extra 150 guilders for the second sideboard. It differs just a little bit form the original set; the knobs are a little larger and the incised lines in the ears of the splashboard are missing. But most of the wood used for the drawers is not mahogany but pitch-pine.

All the elements of the set have turned legs with an applied roundel on cubical elements. Both the sideboard table and it's original partner have the same incised lines in the splashboard. The knobs are made of wood and the escutcheons are simple metal ones.
The dining table is an extention table, which can be enlarged with three separate parts. The table has four legs, but in the centre there are three additional legs to support the extra boards.

Often there was a special holder for the extension boards. Neither the holder nor the extention leaves have survived the years.

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